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"Greatest Possible Good facilitated a design thinking session for my team, Anika Works. This session was incredibly powerful. It gave us the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and think through a major decision in a playful yet insightful way. As a leader of our remote-first organization, I am always curious about ways to engage our team more intentionally while still moving things forward. GPG gave us the space and toolkit to make that happen. We were able to make the decision that was right for us, and we continue to benefit from the design thinking methodology to handle all our decisions more effectively."

Rebecca Jacobs, Co-Founder & CEO, Anika Works

"Ortus and our team got with GPG to sort out some of our blockages with time and delegation. It's super nice to have a third party help out, but also pretty critical to have a sophisticated third party. GPG did a great job helping us see opportunities and map out possibilities as we go forward. They have great tools at their disposal but also present with a high degree of emotional intelligence, and that's something we can't find everywhere and value immensely. We've implemented some changes and are looking forward to their results. Thanks GPG!"

Aaron S. Velky, CEO & Co-Founder, Ortus Academy

"Vance and the team are essential to the Hack Baltimore services and the resulting programs and outcomes for Baltimore City. They are our champions of human centered design. Through the GPG's facilitation techniques they are teaching a diverse group of learners the value of design thinking, and as a result have led multiple programs to deliver tools that will last and be used far beyond HB. Vance responded like a jedi master under pressure when pivoting to create a new service product to help at the beginning of the covid-19, demonstrating to all that when humans are the main focus of solving problems together, no matter how fast this needs to happen the results will be sustainable. I've learned so much from GPG and highly recommend their services and partnership to all that want to learn and apply the experience of HCD to their work."

Laura Dress, Sustainability Chairwoman, Hack Baltimore

"I had the opportunity to be a part of a facilitation by GPG for my creative agency. They were extremely helpful as they not only helped us lay out our vision and goals for the next 5 years, but also let us walk away with action steps for the next 2 weeks. Definitely recommend them for anyone interested in planning, design thinking or anything along those lines!"

Ashwath Aryanan, Co-Founder & CEO, Social Currant

"Working with Greatest Good Possible was an experience our team didn't know we needed. We loved the structure of our facilitated brainstorm and Vance's intentional finesse at guiding us to solutions. We walked away with clearly defined action items to unstick one of our pressing company challenges."

Katie McKenzie, Growth Manager, and Neil Shah, CEO, Thinknimble

"Time and time again, Greatest Possible Good has delivered quality design thinking on demand. They stay calm when the waters are rough. My company is the title sponsor of a local nonprofit. When COVID-19 disrupted the nonprofit's service model, GPG created a new fully-virtual paradigm. Now the nonprofit can respond to emergencies. GPG facilitated meetings that got one client to a solution prototype within 48hrs of the request. Their team also helped us fill an urgent contracting need on a dime - Our client repeatedly sent positive feedback praising their content strategy and UX design work. I'm glad I ran into this crew."

Delali Dzirasa, CEO, Fearless

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