Case Study

Building a new fully-virtual nonprofit service

Service Design, Crisis Management
Kyle Vaughan

Hack Baltimore has a dream to transform Baltimore into the civic tech capital of America. That dream premised on a huge annual hackathon bringing together residents, civic leaders, sponsors, and City officials to collaborate on addressing systemic challenges in healthcare, housing, education, safety, transportation, and the economy. Greatest Possible Good was helping Hack Baltimore plan its "DUBS" process (Design, Use, Build, Sustain) to ensure that teams participating in the hackathon saw their efforts sustained beyond the weekend of the event. When the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March, Hack Baltimore had to cancel in-person events planned through May and pivot fast.

Greatest Possible Good created a new process called Rapid Response appropriate for emergency issues needing resolution ASAP. We immediately delivered the Rapid Response service to three nonprofit organizations tackling covid-related issues.

Rapid Response has become a core offering alongside Hack Baltimore's long-term, robust DUBS process, which goes through the breadth of the design thinking methodology. We know from experience that transforming and adapting to virtual work is not just possible, but leads to greater capabilities than you had before!

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