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You want to improve your organization's impact and financial sustainability. We will ensure you devote your resources to solving the right problems for the right people in the right way.


Greatest Possible Good designs sustainable business strategies with you using a process called design thinking. We teach and practice design thinking to help your organization improve its triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

Human-centered design is the heart of our consulting process. Your challenge may be internal or external, and your solution may be a product or a service. We include you in our process so you truly own your solution.

Working alongside you with open communication and information sharing, we source interviews and conduct primary research with your users to identify challenges and opportunities. The data we gather fuels energizing ideation sessions with your team where we collaborate on solutions. Then we test low-cost prototypes of your solutions with your users to validate what works and what needs iteration.

No more expensive solutions nobody asked for. No more project hand-offs into the abyss. When we reach implementation, you have full ownership of the solution you helped create and confidence that your users actually desire it.


Design Thinking Education

Facilitate design thinking workshops to introduce powerful creative tools to your organization

Help integrate design thinking tools and processes into your organization's culture and workflows


Project Engagement

Conduct primary and secondary research to discover ethnographic insights

Design solutions to discovered problems in direct response to insights

Test rapid prototypes with end users and analyze feedback

Hand-off research findings and solutions with actionable steps


Hourly Rate

Provide continued support for implementation where our capabilities align

Try our services without committing to a full project contract

Add our talent to your team's project

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