Our Expertise

We look for the why in everything. We prototype at a rapid pace and pivot quickly. We collaborate. We innovate.

Our design thinking methodology utilizes empathy to keep your users in mind

Working alongside you with open communication and information sharing, we source interviews and conduct primary research with your users to identify challenges and opportunities. The data we gather fuels energizing ideation sessions with your team where we collaborate on solutions. Then we test low-cost prototypes of your solutions with your users to validate what works and what needs iteration. No more expensive solutions nobody asked for.

Facilitation & Workshops

Expert facilitation of incredibly productive sessions for your team to tackle your organization's thorniest challenges and greatest opportunities

Design Thinking Outside the Box

Give us context on the challenge or opportunity you're facing, and we can have a custom-tailored one-hour virtual facilitation ready to go within 48 hours. When you see how productive these sessions are, schedule a monthly session to align, focus, and energize your team. We can create two- to three-hour long sessions for larger groups with Zoom breakouts. Our sessions can be designed to fit within your workshop.

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Business Strategy

Coaching and mentoring with tools and resources to guide you through business model generation and prepare the documents you need to raise funds.

Building Strong Foundations

Schedule a regular check-in meeting with us to work through your business goals and receive tools, resources, a sounding board for your ideas, and close guidance through core strategic activities. Examples include your revenue model, value proposition, budget, income statement, market analysis, vision and mission statement, and other key ingredients you need to secure funding for your organization.

User Research

Primary research to help you understand your users, identify problems and opportunities, and co-create innovative solutions ready for your team to implement.

Empathy & Ethnography

  • Scoping meetings with you and your team
  • Interviews with data insights
  • Solution brainstorming
  • Rapid low-fidelity prototyping
  • User and concept testing

No more project hand-offs into the abyss.

When we reach implementation, you have full ownership of the solution you helped create and confidence that your users desire it.

Let's talk about elevating your business.

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