Case Study

Re-framing sticky challenges as creative opportunities

Design Sprint, Ideation, Startup Ventures, Education
Kyle Vaughan

Hello, members of the McDonogh community!
We are so happy to be hosting this class with you today.

Our agenda today is:


-Introduce the team: Kyle, Jazmin, Kenneth, and Anna

-Explain what on earth “design thinking” is and why we’re using it

-Learn how AirBnB’s team reframed failures as opportunities

Problem selection

-Form teams

-Identify a problem your team wants to focus on

Ideation session

-Set ground rules for brainstorming

-Diverge with wild ideas

-Converge toward one idea


-Translate your team’s idea into a prototype you can test

-Share out our ideas and give each other feedback


Jargon definitions

Design thinking

A process for creative problem solving that focuses on people and their needs first


The third stage in the design thinking process where we generate ideas and solutions


Designing sustainable business models for positive impact. The fourth stage in the design thinking process where we create simple experimental models of our solutions that we can quickly test for results and feedback

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