Greatest Possible Good

Kyle Vaughan

Co-Founder, CEO

Kyle grew up outside Baltimore City with a fiercely independent single mother, lots of rescued animals, and no money. After nearly dying at 17, he is grateful for every day above ground. He feels freed by the wholehearted pursuit of doing the greatest possible amount of good with his life. Kyle has had amazing education opportunities in a colorful set of subjects leaving him adept at both left- and right-brain thinking. He has been awarded over $300,000 in scholarship funding to attend Mcdonogh School, UMD, Princeton, Suzhou University, Johns Hopkins, MICA, and SWUN in Chengdu, China. Education saved his life, and he is determined to pay it forward.

Kyle’s hobbies and moonlighting activities have included tai chi, hiking and camping, teaching English, tae kwon do, concerts, cooking, government and politics, weightlifting, social and environmental activism, hanging out with his mom, and loving his unbelievably perfect dog, Sami.

Kyle likes to claim he’s perpetually unfazed and that his pragmatism is tempered with stubborn optimism. He has always felt a strange affinity for monks and abides with humorous self-awareness to a set of personal principles that keep him honest, full of love, and mission-focused. To Kyle, sustainability is a mathematical necessity for life on earth. Education, which comes in many forms, becomes incredibly empowering when combined with economic uplift and entrepreneurship. And universal respect for human rights - erasing “isms” - is simultaneously fundamental and aspirational.

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Co-Founder, CEO

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