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Jennifer Greenstein

UX Designer & Business Developer

Jennifer is a creative intellectual who thrives on experiential learning. Grass never grows too long under her feet. From Orlando to Israel to Budapest to Baltimore, Jennifer’s journey has developed into one of self-reflection and empowerment. Every new city, career path, and connection enhances her curiosity about people and the design of our world.


In 2015, Jennifer graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida with a dual degree in Event and Hospitality Management and a minor in Studio Art. While attending university, she was mentored by the renowned artist Walter Gaudnek. With Gaudnek as a consistent source of inspiration, Jennifer pushed the boundaries of her artistic expression with elements of movement, energy, and grave intention.


Upon graduation, following a brief residency in Chicago, Jennifer packed her bags and moved to New York City for an opportunity with the Nestlé Skin Health Innovation Center. She joined a small team of eight to mold and shape their startup into a movement aimed at changing the way the world thinks and acts upon skin health. In this new 30,000 sq. ft. center, she took on the roles of Event Producer and Creative Consultant where she had the privilege of working on design and production projects with Fortune 500 companies.


Jennifer has been able to leverage her past experiences to learn and grow as a design leader. She is currently pursuing a dual MBA/MA in Design Leadership from the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and the Maryland Institute College of Art. While attending graduate school, she has taken on the role of VP of Capacity Building for the Women in Business organization. In this role, and the many more to come, Jennifer hopes to empower others to achieve all they can be.

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UX Designer & Business Developer

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