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Jazmin Harling-Gray

Content and Design Strategist

Jazmin Harling-Gray grew up traveling the United States, never settling in one place for long. From New York to Georgia, Idaho, and even Hawaii, her childhood was filled with different people, places, and communities that offered their own perspectives on life. This lifestyle taught her very early on the value of diversity and adaptability. 

For her undergraduate degree, she studied English Literature at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. As a member of a Catholic university in the heart of the nation’s capital, she was exposed to social, political, and economic discourse she had never engaged in before. As  a result, she began to understand--and later question--the moral fabric of our society. 

Eventually, simply living day-to-day was no longer enough for her. She realized that in order to reach her true potential she needed to be involved in shaping and changing the world around her. Throughout her four years at Georgetown she became involved in social movements such as Black Lives Matter, wrote for her campus publication The Fire This Time, and engaged in student activism in her local communities. She reflected on the lessons she learned through poetry, fiction, and a personal blog. 


Jazmin is currently working through the dual degree MBA/MA in Design Leadership program at Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and the Maryland Institute College of Art. At Hopkins, she is a member of the Community Consulting Lab, a program that partners students with small business owners in Baltimore to assist the growth and development of their business ventures. She is also a Reaching Out MBA fellow and scholarship recipient.

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Content and Design Strategist

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